Fields to Forest

  • Location: Cedar Springs
  • Forty-acre former crop farm, reverting to a more biodiverse state.
  • Features managed plantings and a variety of habitat geared toward attracting wildlife.
  • Topographical features include wooded and open areas, a small man-made wetland area, a deep ravine, and soils ranging from sand to clay loam.
  • Pine plots ranging from four to eleven years in the ground.

Note: Registration slots support 90 minute visits; the property is quite large. Should you prefer a shorter visit, simply let your host know upon arrival.

When your host, Kenny, and his wife, Mary, purchased this rural property in 2012, the intent was to feed Kenny’s hunting obsession and provide recreation for three generations of their outdoor-oriented family.

Most of the property had once been farmed and new growth was expanding the fencerows and encroaching on the open fields. As nature has taken its course and the land has evolved, so have the owners’ priorities. Over the last couple of years, while still actively hunting the property, your host is managing the property with an eye toward fulfilling a verbal commitment to eventually donate the property to the public as a park.

Shortly after purchasing the property, a neighbor joked that the soil was so poor that “a farmer couldn’t even raise his voice” on that parcel. Here’s hoping that in the upcoming years, this will be a place “where biodiversity finds its voice!”

Walk the access trails with Kenny, as he shares his many successes, frustrations, and dreams. Knowledge is a two-way street.