Crawford Creation

  • LOCATION: Cedar Springs
  • Slowly transitioning our yard to a more native habitat
  • Changing 1/3 of the yard from lawn to natural
  • Incorporating vegetables into the plan
  • Backyard borders a small non-motor lake
  • Planting to welcome pollinators

We live on a small non-motor lake that attracts a lot of wildlife (land, water and air). It was a traditional landscaped yard that we started to transition in 2021. The soil is mostly sand and there is a lot of shade on the lot so this has been a bit of a challenge. We’ve removed some trees to allow more sun in areas. We also keep trying different native plants to see which enjoy thriving  in our yard. We enjoy buying from the native plant sales and are working with a native landscaper for one of our projects.

Last summer, we started to transition about 1/3 of the yard from a turf lawn to a naturalized area and are killing off the lawn with leaves. We plan to plant native seeds and plugs in that space in the fall of 2024.

We enjoy growing vegetables and have a few areas for this. We built some new raised garden beds this spring and also love our Garden Tower. This tower rotates 360 degrees and the center is a hollow tube that communicates with the outer compartments. We put brown and green compost in the center along with composting worms. This provides a great environment for growing herbs and veggies and extends the growing season.

We look forward to sharing our yard with you and exchanging ideas.